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XPOJR (exposure) is a digital marketing agency offering custom Website Creation, and AI powered local SEO to boost your small business's internet exposure. Our custom websites are high performing, beautiful, fast, functional and low cost.

Building On Your Success.
with more attention.

If you have a business that you want to grow, we can help you grow faster by grabbing the attention of more people. Your website is your shop window to the world, so have one that you can be proud of. We offer a professional website development service with modern mobile-first layouts.


Compete with Local Businesses Operating in Your Space.

Achieving a better presence on the web means that your website ranks higher on Google local search, alongside the biggest brands out there for your product or service. We have the expertise and experience in Organic search engine improvements, so that your business can compete with the best on a local or even national level.


A Website Built For Your Business

Our custom website designs are suitable for most small businesses including..

Builders Mechanics Plumbers Dentists Opticians Florists Cafes Restaurants
Gardeners Architects Pharmacies Electricians Nail salons Physiotherapists Hair Salons Tutors

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high % growth

We are a small team of an experienced business owners. A track record of owning and growing small  businesses to reach their maximum potential. It's because we've been business owners before, we understand the importance of online exposure. Read more about us

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Marketing is about getting discovered with increased exposure - this is our PASSION. As we became website experts, we naturally became Workspace experts and now additionally offer solutions that use the same cloud technology to improve productivity and compliance. Read about our Cloud products and Intranet solutions.